Today we have a great guest on the show. Gary Dworetsky is the designer and publisher of the very successful game Imperium: The Contention. The game has an incredible 8.1 rating on board game geek and is a 4-X card game about deploying fleets, moving ships into the right position, and then crushing your opponent in space combat.

In addition, he is also currently working on a title that is desired by many many people. Most of you know Slay the Spire as the pioneer of roguelike deckbuilding games. Gary is currently working on a board game implementation of the game. Personally, I also played the digital game quite a bit and am very curious to learn more about the board game version today.

During the show, we talked about Gary’s Game Design approach, his favorite game mechanics of Imperium and Slay the Spire, and how he was able to get his hands on such an exciting License.

If you want to keep up with all the news around Slay the Spire you can visit Gary`s website here: Contention Games