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Hello fellow adventurers and welcome to the Nerdlab – Where we transform our gaming passion into incredible game designs and learn how to nerd like a boss. 
My name is Marvin and I am an ambitious game designer on my quest to develop a co-operative fantasy card game.
For this podcast, my vision is to take you with me on this exciting journey. Together we will explore the secrets of different game mechanics and reach the next level as a game designer.

It’s been a while since I recorded the last episode. And because I didn’t have any feeling or estimate about  how long it has been, I just looked it up and was shocked when I realized that I missed 7 weeks. This makes me sad and angry at myself, because I had planned to record one episode per week this year. But that’s how it is. Somehow I was a bit out of energy for some reason. And I didn’t want to produce content just for the sake of it. Producing an episode takes me a lot of time. I would say between 5 and 20 hours depending on the topic. And it is really important to me to produce content that’s of high quality and that is helpful and inspiring for you out there. 

If you put so much effort and time into something like I did for this podcast sometimes you just need a break. And that’s what I needed. It was the same last year around that time. In the beginning of summer.  I also took a break of several weeks. I don’t think this is a coincidence. For next year I need to be prepared. Either I need to pre-record a few episodes or I will announce a summer break. We will see. However, now I am back with a lot of energy and a lot to talk about. Because I did take a break from the podcast, but not from game design. Together with Christian, a fellow listener of this podcast and game designer, I have been working on another game for a couple of months now. As usual it is a strategy card game. In the future we will probably talk more about it on this show as well. But what’s important for today’s show is that the game only had 1 stat per card. A power value. Due to various reasons we thought this is not enough and tried to identify innovative and interesting stats used on cards. Today’s episode is the result of our research around that topic. So sit back, relax and listen to the most interesting attributes and stats used in strategy card games

Values & Attributes in Strategy Card Games

The following stats and values are mentioned and described in this podcast episode:

  • Power / Toughness
  • Armor
  • Resource (e.g. Mana, Crystals, etc.)
  • Health Points
  • Speed
  • Priority
  • Initiative
  • Combo Icons
  • Range
  • Honor
  • Weaknesses
  • Elemental Damage

Link to the Reddit post: