This week I have the incredible honor of hosting one of the best game designers in the world. He has designed countless games and it doesn’t seem like he is going to stop 🙂 And the majority of them are incredibly successful. For example he designed Kingdomino, Five Tribes, Seven Wonders Duel, Shadows over Camelot, Abyss and many many more.

His games also have been nominated for a wide variety of awards. Among others, he has already won the highly desired prize: “Spiel des Jahres or Game of the Year” with Kingdomino in 2017. And also this year, just recently, Dragomino the kids adaptation of the game was also nominated for the Children’s Game of the Year.

I am 100% convinced we all can learn a lot from his experience in the industry. So please enjoy the episode with Bruno Cathala who is going to share with us how the typical design process for him looks like.

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