This week I had the chance to talk to Carlo Bortolini, a fellow game designer (Memoarr and Riftforce). Riftforce is a dueling card game that involves factions, drafting, combos, and different strategies. All the good stuff I love so much about card games. So I was very happy to talk to Carlo Bortolini and learn more about the design process of Riftforce. We found out that both of our games (Riftforce and Mindbug) share many aspects of their design philosophy. But that is only one of the many topics we discussed on the show. Other topics were for example:

  • Balancing process of 10 different factions
  • Reducing board complexity
  • Applying math and statistics to game design
  • The design of a special drafting rule to increase the exploration aspect of the game
  • and many more.

Enjoy listening to Carlo who was a wonderful guest on the Nerdlab sharing a lot of very valuable insights.

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