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Heart of Cthulhu Video

Today we have a fellow game designer in the Nerdlab. I can remember that I followed his Instagram profile a time ago because I was impressed by the art of the game. It is hard to explain on a podcast without any visual support, but it looks very natural and hand-drawn and not digitally overpolished like many other art styles. For me, it felt unique and sparked my interest. While reading through the rules of the game on Instagram I became more and more curious (because it had a lot of exploring, discovering, and adventuring aspects) and decided to reach out and ask for an interview. And I mean who doesn’t like a Cthulhu theme. So please welcome with me Patrick Kelleher, the Designer of Heart of Cthulhu.

Topics of the show:

  • How to put Art first in your design process?
  • The approach of creating the entire art for your game yourself
  • How to prepare for a Board Game Kickstarter Campaign?