Today I would like to talk a bit about the highlights and pitfalls of the past year to derive my new goals for 2021. 
If you haven’t set your own goals for 2021, I recommend you listen to Episode 8 of the Nerdlab about Goalsetting. In this episode, I describe my 4 step approach to setting goals as a game designer. 

Looking back on the past year I have to make a clear distinction between my role as a game designer and as a podcaster.

I will start with the role as a podcaster.

  • I’ve recorded 33 episodes
  • I’ve learned a lot from this. The deep dive episodes about certain mechanics as well as the interviews helped me to broaden my horizon considerably
  • Episodes that I personally enjoyed the most are:
    • Digital Card Game Reviews and Deep Dives
      • Legends of Runeterra (Episode 48)
      • Mythgard (Episode 42)
      • GWENT (Episode 54)
      • Monster Train (Episode 61)
      • I enjoyed those game review episodes probable because they required a lot of actually playing these games 🙂
    • How to create a design skeleton (Episode 43)
      • Live Streaming my design on Twitch 
    • Interviews 
    • Why you should join a Mastermind Groups (Episode 50)
      • + Growing the community substantially and helping designers to come together (6 Mastermind Groups on the Nerdlab Discord Channel)
    • Complexity in Strategy Card Games (Episode 51)
    • My Favorite episode:
      Design Diary of our Game Design (Code Word “Duelist”) with co-designer Christian (Episode 68)

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