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Today I am not alone in the Nerdlab. Today I will be talking to a fellow game designer who has been working for more than 5 years on Dinn, a game he is about to publish. I came across the game on Instagram because the card layout just was so appealing to me. It was just super clean and very refreshing to look at. And when I got a bit further into the game, I was quite stunned to find out that the game is not only a TCG (which is already right up my ally) but also an alternative reality game. That means every card is a part of a large scale puzzle that guides an interactive, community-driven storyline. Sounds awesome right? Players can solve these puzzles by figuring out custom-built clues on websites, audio-files, blog posts, and videos. And all of that on top of the initial trading card game. When I looked into that I was super curious to learn more about that awesome game hook that immediately got me interested in the game. That’s why I invited Gabriel and Hayley to the show today.

Main Topics of this Podcast Episode

  • How to design for multiple audiences?
  • How to combine TCGs and ARGs?
  • What is an Alternate Reality Game?
  • Subscription Model for a TCG
  • How to gain attention in the Board Game industry
  • How to market a board game