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Hello fellow adventurers and welcome to the Nerdlab – Where we transform our gaming passion into incredible game designs and learn how to nerd like a boss. 

My name is Marvin and I am an ambitious game designer on my quest to develop a co-operative fantasy card game.

For this podcast, my vision is to take you with me on this exciting journey. Together we will explore the secrets of different game mechanics and reach the next level as a game designer.

Today I have a very special guest for you. If you are a game designer, I’m sure you already know him. Why? Because he produces an incredible amount of outstanding content in which he shares his game design knowledge with us. This way he is creating immense value for the entire game design community and therefore enjoys a very high reputation. 

But the extraordinary thing about our guest today is that he combines so many different roles under one hat. He is not only a successful content producer but also one of the most successful game designers of all time. And as if that were not enough, he is also a super successful businessman leading his own publishing company Stonemaier Games. He raised millions of dollars on kickstarter for his games like Scythe, Viticulture, Euphoria or Charterstone. For me it is an absolute mystery how he accomplishes all of this. And that is why I invited Jamey Stegmaier as a special guest to ask him exactly that. 

Topics we covered during the interview:

  • How does the Game Design process of Jamey Stegmaier look like from start to finish?
  • What are the most important steps in each game design stage?
  • What are some important questions to ask yourself during the playtesting phase?
  • How to get into the game design industry?
  • How to build an audience and be consistent as a game designer and content producer?