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Hello fellow adventurers and welcome to the Nerdlab – Where we transform our gaming passion into incredible game designs and learn how to nerd like a boss. 

My name is Marvin and I am an ambitious game designer on my quest to develop a co-operative fantasy card game.

For this podcast, my vision is to take you with me on this exciting journey. Together we will explore the secrets of different game mechanics and reach the next level as a game designer.

The topic of today’s episode is one that affects every game designer sooner or later. It’s a topic that heavily influences the success of your game. Because today we are going to talk about board game marketing. 

One advantage of big publishers is that they already have a loyal fanbase that they can target with their new products and releases. In addition, they already have existing distribution channels, already a high media interest and oftentimes a large marketing budget. All those things are extremely important for a successful market launch. And all those things are typically not available for first-time self-publishers. Nevertheless, there are many designers who still want to self-publish their own games and compete with large publishers. And I know that many of you also dream of publishing their own games. But how do you do that if you don’t have easy access to all those success factors I just mentioned. This is the question we want to talk about today. And even though I have a bit of a background in the marketing industry myself, I’ve invited a guest for today who can tell us first-hand. He is not only a business marketing major himself and the owner of the publishing company Stuffed Horse Games, but also right in the middle of publishing his game “Battle Babies” via Kickstarter. I am looking forward to interesting experiences and helpful guidance from our guest Brandon Seeger.