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In today’s episode of the Nerdlab, I have a guest to whom I really look up to. His work was, and still is a great inspiration for my own journey. Especially as a content producer. He has probably interviewed every successful game designer on this planet. But he is not only the host of the Board Game Design Lab, one of the most successful podcasts of the industry. He is also a successful game designer who especially loves dexterity games and solo games. Please welcome with me Gabe Barett of the Board Game Design Lab.

In our discussion, we focussed on the following questions:

  • What is special about designing solo games?
  • How to playtest solo games?
  • What is “Hunted” and how was the design process of the game?
  • How important is tension in solo games?
  • How to go fulltime in the board game industry?

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