In Episode 24 of the Nerdlab podcast, I chatted with Chevas Balloun the designer of Gambit. Gambit is a Tabletop RPG without Pen and Paper and a lot of visualization that started when Chevas drew a dungeon-like Maze for his 5-year-old son and realized that he could play through the maze as a kind of super-simplified RPG. We talked about his journey and how he developed Gambit from this experience. After the show, I also tried to play the very first maze Chevaz drew with my own 5-year-old daughter. And the result was absolutely amazing. I talk about that session at the end of the show.  In addition, we also talked about the challenge of designing a game that is fun for both. Parents and children.

Important Links:

Gambit Website
The Maze Blog Post
Original Reddit Post
Designing for Children Paper

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