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In Episode 7 of the Nerdlab, we will focus on health tracking in card games. This is the second part of a 2 part series on health mechanics. In the last episode, we analyzed the different aspects of health systems and formulated some questions you could ask yourself in order to find the appropriate mechanic for your game. Today we will research innovative ways of tracking health, especially in card games.

How can you tie your health mechanic to your other game mechanics?

For me personally, there are 3 reasons why I think it makes sense to combine the health system with other game mechanics:

  1. To create interesting trade-offs
  2. To better represent the effects of injuries
  3. To add additional Win or Loss conditions

How can you track hit points in Card & Board Games?

Explained on the example of the following games:

  • Gloomhaven
  • Magic the Gathering
  • Aventuria the Card Game
  • Legends of Andor
  • Hero Realms
  • Kingdom Death
  • Mageknight
  • Pathfinder Adventure Card Game
  • Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate
  • Strife: Legacy of the Eternals
  • Clash of the battle goats
  • Super Voxel Raiders

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