My Vision Statement in one sentence

My game is a co-operative fantasy adventure card game with multi-facetted encounter designs creating an rpg-like atmosphere and deep character progression by using legacy mechanics.

What is the theme of your game?

In my game each player will choose a character from a diverse variety of classes to explore a medieval fantasy world inspired by Forgotten Realms full of mysterious magic, dangerous creatures and exciting adventures that has a profound background story to create a unique RPG-like depth and atmosphere.

What are the core components of your game and what do they represent?

My game will use cards as main component and tokens as a supporting tool to represent all game mechanics such as character skills, enemies, NPCs or objects and create an RPG flavour through an intensive use of legacy game mechanics.

What is the core gameplay experience for the players?

The Gameplay will ask players to solve multi facetted encounters with a variety of decision points though truly co-operative gameplay that combines combat and non-combat challenges for a variety of possible resolutions.

What is your key difference compared to competitive games?

The game creates a very high player involvement due to deep character progression and engaging encounters by using legacy mechanics on cards like never used before allowing the players to heavily customize their character to suit their preferred playstyle.