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Experience the tactical depth of a TCG in a 50 card game without any setup costs

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“Easy to learn, always fair and yet suprisingly deep”

What is Mindbug?

Mindbug is a duelling card game with a unique twist. You will summon hybrid creatures like Gorilla Lions, Spider Owls or Frosh Crocs and send them to battle against your opponent.
But be careful, when you summon a creature, your opponent may use a powerful Mindbug to take control of it.
Outwit your opponent in a fascinating tactical duel.


1. Shuffle

The game comes as a 50 card deck both players are playing from.
Just shuffle the cards and you are ready to start.

  • No Deck Construction
  • No Prep Time
  • No Unfair Advantage
Mindbug Yeti

2. Draw

Draw 7 cards into your hand. These are the creatures you can send to battle.

Draw 3 cards face down and put them in front of you. These cards represent your life points.

3. Deploy

Play one of your hybrid creature experiments with

  • no resource costs and
  • no ramp up time

Instead each card is powerful, exciting, unique and can win you the game on its own.

Mindbug transparent

4. Mindbug

But be careful, your opponent can use their Mindbug to mindcontrol your creature when you play it!

Build a strategy, outwit your opponent and maneuver your most powerful creatures around their Mindbugs.

5. Attack

Send a creature to battle and crush your opponent!

You win the game when the opponent lost his last life card.



Mindbug is a Duelling Card Game. The Base Set is composed of 48 creature cards and 4 Mindbug Cards. Due to its elegant design, the game doesn’t need any other components than cards, making it lightweight and portable.

Nerdlab Podcast Episode 68 - Mindbug / Duelist Design Diary

Design Diary

Listen to how the game was created and learn what Christian Kudahl and Marvin Hegen, two of the disgners of the game, love about it.

Design Diary Podcast

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